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The Monuments

volume 2
A giant mech emits pink and yellow smoke while  Nera sits anxiously in a cockpit.

Eight Hundred Years Ago

On the remote island of Mehndria, warring city-states band together to face a common enemy: giant, mysterious mechs. All hope seems lost as the mechs destroy everything in their path. Then inexplicably and without cause, the mechs all power down. They remain motionless for centuries, untouched, becoming monuments to a forgotten time.

One Year Ago

On the now unified island of Mehndria, one of the mechs suddenly powers up - revealing a man lost in time. The mechs begin to wake. Destruction follows.


Still dealing with the aftermath of the great awakening, the citizens of United Mehndria must deal with their collective trauma. Disrupting this time of healing, one of the mechs goes missing.

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The Monuments
"Like its namesake, this graphic novel is a monument to behold in the annals of indie comic book history. The art and writing alone are hard-hitting behemoths, which is exactly what you'd expect from a story involving titanic mechs and the world of the humans that inhabit them."

Anthony Pollock

Soda And Telepaths
"It’s a story about religion and science, about the ideas of home and finding our own place. It’s about history and war and the hopelessness that war drapes over the world when its gaze falls on the innocent. Oh, it’s gorgeous to boot."

Blake's Buzz

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"Enthralling. The Monuments combines all that I love most - a deep mystery combined with giant mechs. Must read!"

Amy Chu

Red Sonja, Poison Ivy
"The Monuments is a breathtaking, awe-inspiring story that is beautiful to behold and amazing to experience. A true anthem to imagination, creativity, and misfits."

David Gallaher

The Only Living Girl, Green Lantern Corps
"Through a thousand years of a land’s epic history, The Monuments weaves a must read story of loss, family, and how the desire for peace can end worse than any war. Oh, and giant robots. It’s got those too."

Connor McCreery

Kill Shakespeare, Assasin’s Creed
"An expertly crafted unfolding mystery, to be peeled back layer by satisfying layer. A story that deals in tough philosophical and ethical quandaries."

Max Pfeffer

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